I was born and raised in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). I was so blessed with a wonderful outdoor lifestyle and grew up roaming the bush and enjoying the people and culture. I studied to be a teacher and once qualified, taught in primary schools out in the wilds away from the bigger centres. I learned so much about farming and just being a part of the “country”. It was a struggle during the war years but I was greatly helped by some lovely Canadian missionaries. When I wasn’t teaching, I was involved in church planting as well as numerous Christian activities.

I left Rhodesia to journey to America to study the Bible but was waylaid by God in England where I studied at Moorlands, met Jo, my lovely wife, and set up home. Jo had planned to travel to Thailand after a year in the wilds of Canada at a mission hospital and I had a position all planned and agreed upon to become head teacher at a mission school in Bangladesh. All plans changed when I developed a major ear disease and had to have a number of surgeries. Jo and I met, married and started work as pastor and wife initially at Ivy Cottage in Manchester and then moved to Zimbabwe in answer to a call from a small group of believers. We were blessed as the church grew, and a building with all amenities and children’s centre developed.

We left Chipinge after 12 years and moved to Mutare and I was privileged to be asked to become Chairman of the board of a large school. I was also an Elder/Associate Pastor at the Baptist church and built a retreat centre in the hills of Vbumba. I joined SGM and eventually became Africa Director before moving back to the UK with the family to work in the London Office as Director of Publications. After becoming unwell, I took early retirement and continued to do some consultancy with Christian missions in Africa. I now live in a small village, working in a few churches in the locality and serving God as doors open. I established Baobab along with Nina and Andy McNeill to work among the young men and women in Zimbabwe and Kenya where I had been so blessed and privileged to work for many years.