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Woman to Woman

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Woman to Woman opens an opportunity for a woman from the UK/ Ireland to support a woman in Kenya for £20/month. This simple connection creates an ongoing partnership that can alter a family’s daily living. Just £20 can provide stability for families and empowers the women in communities.

Woman to Woman was created in 2014 and since then has connected 10 women in the UK with 10 women living in Kenya. Monthly support could contribute to education for children, aid in nutritional needs for the entire family, act as a supplementary income if crops fail and/or as a jumping off point for a small business. These partnerships are ongoing with some of the women writing to their partners, sharing stories and bridging the gap between cultures.

The Kenyan women have taken it upon themselves to set up a table banking system. Each woman brings their monthly donation to the group and it is all recorded. The money is then split according to their individual needs, with the stipulation that they return all borrowed funds over the coming two months.  This system encourages forward planning, promotes community and gives each woman greater control over their circumstances.

Furthermore, the women have been exploring business opportunities due to the funds available as well as having started a weekly Bible study and prayer meeting.

(Baobab is a registered Trust with the Kenyan Government and therefore has a legal responsibility to oversee and record the support given.)

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