What We Do

Baobab Christian Trust exists to provide support, care and initiatives for individuals and projects that will lead towards an improved, sustainable future. We are a registered charity based in Northern Ireland and are a Christian organization that exists to empower those living in Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Empower Individuals

To “empower” means to enable or to give authority over something. Baobab’s mission is to empower individuals and communities with the support and resources necessary to build an enriched, sustainable future; enabling growth and giving them authority over their circumstances.

Basic Education

Basic education, safe drinking water and improved access to healthcare are the three building blocks to a new standard of living that Baobab strives to promote.

Support Networks

Through developing support networks by connecting with church, schools, universities and funding agencies in the UK and Ireland, Baobab will continuously raise funds and awareness of the needs in both Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Support one of our Projects

A priority of ours is setting up income generating projects that provide individuals, families and villages with the means to support themselves and develop growth.


Our Team